Track My Travels

About Track My Travels

Are you planning an incredible trip? Along with all the other necessities, be sure to take along the ultimate travel app! Track My Travels App is your perfect companion to create digital journals of your adventures. With a simple click of a button, you can easily record your route map, photos, waypoints, distance and more. This is the best way to create a complete travelogue of your travel adventures. Want to know more about this amazing travel app? Read on!

Why use Track My Travels? 

Have you ever forgotten where you took a photo? Have you ever wished you could see a map of where you’d explored on any given day? Have you ever spent too much time uploading your social media content and too little time enjoying your surroundings? The Track My Travels app can help with that. This travel app for both iPhone and Android devices is simple to use. It keeps track of all your important travel information using GPS rather than cell service which is important when you’re away from home to avoid roaming charges. Never forget a moment when you’re traveling and using Track My Travels! If you want to focus on soaking in the travel experience while still maintaining your social media presence, you’ll definitely want to use this travel app.


There are several unique elements in the Track My Travels app that will help you get the most out of the app. Each feature is designed to work seamlessly with your trip whether you are in a city enjoying walking tours or hiking in the countryside. Use these features to create amazing digital journals of your trips, take photos, as well as document and share memories with the click of a button.

The main feature of the app is that it tracks everywhere you’re going when you start a new trip. Using GPS (even in the absence of Wi-Fi), the app will map a path of the route you’ve taken so that you can see the where you traveled. The map looks similar to the format of other popular GPS apps, such as Map My Run. Each unique outing (be it a half day excursion, or full day) will be saved as a separate trip within the app, so you’ll get a new map for each outing. Since the app utilizes GPS to determine your location you don’t need to have cell service available to use the app!

Of course, a map is not that unique by itself. However, the app has several awesome interactive features that you can use to give meaning to your map! When using Track My Travels, a line is drawn of your route so that you can see exactly where you’ve been. The photo pins enhance the map and GPS route. Every time you use the camera feature within the app, Track My Travels will drop a pin on your route map. The app also stores your photos both within the app and in your phone’s photo stream, so you’ll have easy access to the images no matter what you want to do. Snap a photo whilst you’re running a trip and you will see a photo pin indicating where it was taken. All your photos will be visible for that trip when you finish up your trip.

Track My Travels also includes unique pins for other points of interest on your travels. Did you have to stop and take a photo of the panorama unfolding below you? Drop a “Viewpoint” marker on the spot to help you remember where that exact point was. Was that quaint little bookstore so special that you want to know the exact location? Tap the “Shopping” waypoint. If you want to remember a

special dining experience, you can drop the waypoint that shows you dined at that precise spot. When you have arrived at your accommodation, pin the location with the “Lodging” waypoint. There are also other pins to capture memorable events like “Activity”, “Transportation” “Historic” to name a few.  Capture the location of each exciting aspect of your travels!

Once you’ve finished your excursion and are connected to cell service or Wi-Fi, you can finish up your trip. Review your photos and share them to a wide range of social media platforms if you’d like. The app allows you to make comments on your photos and choose which social media platform you’d like to share them to.  You have the option to check in to locations via Facebook. Share your adventures with your friends and family, and still have plenty of time to sip something cool at the end of the day.  


How to Use the App

Track My Travels was designed to be used as a tool to create true records of your excursions. You can begin each trip on Wi-Fi, but the app runs through GPS, so you can use it even in the most remote destinations. So no matter where you are in the world Track My Travels can map your journey, store your photos, and create the ultimate digital journal of your trips. Use the app to track family vacations, personal getaways, day trips, and more. No matter what kind of trip you’re taking, use the iPhone or Android app to streamline and digitize your travels.

How to get it

The Track My Travels app is available for both iPhone and Android. Search for the app in your phone’s app store, and you can quickly download it for the equivalent of just US$0.99. You can log in by creating an account, or by using Facebook. After just a few moments, you’ll be ready to go!

Whenever you travel, you’ll be creating incredible memories. Be sure to document those memories well! When you use the Track My Travels app, you’ll be able to quickly and easily record each incredible aspect of your journey. Make this the best trip yet with the Track My Travels app on your device and at your fingertips!